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Teatro Flamenco Madrid Lab: a boost for new flamenco projects

Teatro Flamenco Madrid launches artistic residencies for creators of flamenco shows, traditional and contemporary, to help create and promote new projects

01 January 1970

Artesred: New horizons for flamenco

Javier Andrade, CEO of Teatro Flamenco, unveiled this new artistic project that will drive flamenco forward to the future

02 January 2024
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Concert and Wine tasting at Teatro Flamenco Madrid

Teatro Flamenco Madrid hosts a new season of castanet concerts from Teresa Laiz from 12th May.

9 May 2024

El Duende: The Mystic Essence of The Art of Flamenco

El duende, the flamenco spirit, a unique sensation that captures the vibrant and exciting essence of flamenco.

3 May 2024

Enrique Morente: The Visionary of Flamenco in Madrid

Unravelling the legacy of Enrique Morente: the maestro that 535 flamenco in Madrid with his innovation, passion and cutting-edge music

29 April 2024